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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is becoming more and more popular as a treatment for soft tissue injuries, but it is also a useful tool for preventing injuries. Whilst primarily aimed at athletes, it does not matter which level you are at; sports massage can be extremely beneficial to your well-being and the ability to continue with your activities, be it running a marathon, 5-a-side with your friends or sport at a professional, full-time level.

Massage has a number of physical, physiological and psychological benefits, from maintaining a good body condition, boosting performance, to reducing pain and stress. It can be used to help with specific injuries or to maintain the condition of particular body parts, as deemed necessary by you and your therapist.

Massage can

  • Increase Tissue Permeability (helping to remove toxins and increase oxygen intake)
  • Stretch muscles that can not be stretched in the usual methods, releasing tension or pressure build-up
  • Break down scar tissue, increasing flexibility
  • Opens micro-circulation by dilating blood vessels so that nutrients can pass through the bloodstream more easily