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Revitalising health enhancing therapies

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Relaxing, professional and highly effective treatments that get results…

With 24 years + experience in the field, as well as owning and running two large, successful clinics I can provide you with personal assistance and commitment, in the hopes of getting you back on the road to recovery, in the shortest time possible. As a hands-on manipulator, I very rarely use any machines, as I prefer to let my hands do the talking.

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You really don’t have to live with the pain…

Doctors tend to give people anti-inflammatory tablets to help reduce the swelling of your [joints] and tell you to come back in 2 weeks if you’re still in pain. Whilst not without merit, this is essentially 2 weeks of wasted recovery time. With hands-on manipulation, you can help to reduce the swelling in your tendons, ligaments, muscles or joints, and begin the process of repairing almost immediately.

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